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Why you should invest in a franchise: 10 reasons

Dec 22, 2015


If you’re looking for a business opportunity, investing in a franchise could be just the thing. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. It’s a booming sector

This billion dollar industry keeps growing and there are new systems embracing a franchising formula every month.

2. Risk is minimised

There’s no guarantee of success with a franchise, but operating a tried and tested system makes it a little easier to get up and running.

3. Brand power

It takes years to develop brand loyalty – but in franchising, someone has already done that for you!

4. Competitive advantage

The franchisor and other franchisees in the network are a valuable source of information and inspiration. Everyone wins if they share best practice.

5. Focus on building your business

With a lot of the systems and processes already in place you don’t have to reinvent. That leaves you time to concentrate on your own business.

6. Access to finance

Banks are naturally cautious, so if you’re starting out with a brand that has already performed well and has a strong reputation, you stand a better chance of funding your business.

7. Access to buying power

It’s all about volume – and in a franchise network that’s what you’ve got on your side. The buying power can be invaluable.

8. Access to innovation

Franchisees benefit from the franchisor’s investment in research and innovation.

9. Opportunity to expand

Many franchise systems see value in embracing multi-unit operations for their successful franchisees.

10. Rules and regulations

Sure, we don’t all love rules, but a regulatory code that governs the franchise sector has real benefits for a franchisee.

Source: franchisebusiness.com.au

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