Sweet decisions


Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the waffles at Belgian Waffle are worth spending an evening with

‘When life gets you down, take the bitter with the batter’ announces one of the walls of Belgian Waffle Co. Located off VIP Road, the vibrantly coloured and brightly lit place is the newest go-to destination. The walls are a vibrant yellow, there are wooden benches on one side and tall bar stools on the other. Paintings and quirky photo frames pop on the walls. A vertical garden on either side of the entrance makes a definite design statement.

The vibe is decidedly young and a tad nostalgic with several old school games like Uno, Rubik cube and Jenga lined-up along the wall.

Also, be ready to scream out your order in case the music from the sleek soundbar is playing loud.

To cool off on a hot and humid day I started with the frozen berry mojito. Crushed ice and squashed berries look pretty and taste tangy and cool. Thankfully, it is not cloyingly sweet.

It is difficult to make up one’s mind on the flavour of waffle one wants to try. There is butterscotch, almond cocoa, snickers, Belgian chocolate and coffee. The freshly-made waffles are quite perfect, crisp on outside and soft on the inside and are either dipped in dark chocolate, layered with Nutella or drizzled with whipped cream.

The long and detailed waffle menu offers you 19 choices, and I go with red velvet , naked Nutella and triple chocolate. Dipped in Nutella and sprinkled with icing sugar, the naked Nutella wins for me with just the right amount of sweetness and chocolate.

The red velvet waffle looks better than it tasted as it is a bit too sweet for me. But those who like their waffles sugary, go for it! Like its name suggests, the triple chocolate is layered with various types of chocolates, and is a must-try for chocoholics.

If it is something savoury you crave after all that sweet, there is a pizza waffle too!

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