QSR & Fast Casual: What’s the difference?

People eating in food court cafeterias. 

McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars Pizza, Subway, etc., are the most famous fast food (QSR) chains in the world. They are attractive to investors, as they are speedy, convenient and affordable.

How about food franchises with fast service but nicer restaurant ambience? Then fast-casual restaurants would be an option for you. Here are the differences between these two restaurant categories.

What is a QSR?

QSR stands for quick-service restaurants, which also means fast food. Living up to the name, fast food franchises focus on value, and speed over quality.

  • Minimal table service. No food consultation. Guests choose the food and take them to the table on their own. 
  • Limited menu items. The food is often pizza, burritos, wraps, sandwiches, salads.
  • Food is available for dine-in, takeaway, carry-out and drive-thrus
  • The interior design is simple. 
  • QSR is for everyone and affordable, which explains why they’re one of the most popular food franchises. 

Difference between fast casual restaurant and QSR

In the article Fast Casual and Casual dining: What’s the difference, we wrote about the characteristics of fast casual restaurants. 

To understand fast casual further, we take Habit Burger as an example. The premium Habit Burger Grill chain belongs to YUM! Company which also owns KFC & Taco Bell.

Food: What makes Habit Burger Grill distinguish from Burger King or McDonald’s is their better food quality. They offer flavorful award-winning burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Fast casual restaurants franchises provide more food items than fast food chains.

The restaurants are nicely decorated and the ambience is relaxed & welcoming

Many fast casual chains don’t offer table service, but big chains like Habit Burger Grill provide customers with good service at reasonable prices.

Like QSR, there’s usually no alcohol at fast casual restaurants.


Top 3 QSR & fast casual franchises

Here are the top food franchises for your investment, which are already widely known with proven track success in their territory.

  1. Little Caesars Pizza: The largest carry-out pizza chain in the world and present in over 27 countries. 
  2. Jaggers: A fast casual burger chain offering better burgers, hand-breaded chicken and fresh-made salads in a casual atmosphere. Jaggers is founded by the founder of the legendary Texas Roadhouse chain.
  3. Habit Burger Grill: A premium fast-casual burger chain with over 300 stores worldwide. Franchisees will receive significant training and support from YUM! Brands, which also owns and operates Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell globally.

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