Several changes are coming to Texas Roadhouse this year

As one of America’s fastest-growing restaurant brands, it recently opened a new location in Michigan.

According to a report by Eat This, Not That, Texas Roadhouse is making adjustments to respond to supply chain issues and inflation. During a recent earnings call, Texas Roadhouse Chief Financial Officer Chris Monroe shared that among the changes this year, customers will see a 2.2% menu price hike starting in the spring to “offset inflationary pressures.”

Restaurant leadership also announced its intention to open more restaurants nationally and internationally in 2024. The new restaurants will be about 10% larger than those constructed a few years ago to “serve higher guest volumes more efficiently.” The company added 22 Texas Roadhouse locations last year.

Additionally, technological upgrades are coming to the restaurant chain. Kitchens are moving away from a ticket system and adding screens to back-of-house areas to track orders and cook times more accurately. Furthermore, customers will be able to check in or order online using the Texas Roadhouse website or app, helping the steakhouses run more efficiently for guests.

Expect to see more than just food and drink being offered by the restaurant chain. Texas Roadhouse fans will reportedly be able to purchase additional retail products such as cups, candles, shirts, and socks.

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