International expansion for Swedish coffee shop chain Waynes Coffee

Waynes new flexible concept

Waynes is ramping up its expansion – both in Sweden and internationally
Despite a very challenging year, Swedish coffee shop chain Waynes has decided to accelerate their expansion. During 2020, the coffee shop chain established 21 new coffee shops, and the plan is to continue to grow with at least 40 new coffee shops during 2021 in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
It was in the spring of 2020, in the beginning of the pandemic, that the Swedish coffee shop chain decided to accelerate their expansion. The importance of securing the best locations was a long-term strategic investment opportunity the company had to take. At the same time, there was an increase in potential franchise requests, who recognized the same opportunities and wanted to be a part of the growth.
– We acted quickly and decided to increase our expansion due to the consequences of the pandemic, and the severe effect it had on our line of business. Together with our franchisees and the growing number of requests from new potential partners, we decided to go for it, says Mats Hörnell, CEO Waynes.
Mats continues;
– It is a decision we firmly believe in, and we are convinced that people will continue to get together for a coffee and something to eat in a cozy environment or order for take away. Our concept is a perfect match for the new normal we are living, says Mats Hörnell CEO Waynes.
During the spring of 2020, Waynes launched a new coffee shop concept, which with its flexibility, added conceptual solutions and a clear Scandinavian look and feel that meets the new demands perfectly.
– At the same time as the pandemic broke, we launched a new flexible coffee shop concept, which fits perfect for the new demands from the market. We have added modules to meet take away demands, we can offer a faster and more personal service through new counters, we can adapt the product line and interior to fit the location. The new concept breathes a Scandinavian and organic origin which will help separate us from other actors in the market, says Mats Hörnell.
International expansion with 40 new coffee shops during 2021
Today, Waynes has more than 150 coffee shops, where 70 of them are located outside of Sweden. As a part of the global expansion plans, the goal for 2021 is 25 new coffee shops outside Sweden in markets located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
– Waynes has for several years seen international success. It is a great testament to the strength in our brand and that it is as successful abroad asin Sweden. Right now, we are in dialogue with several interesting global actors, and the goal is to open around 25 new coffee shops in markets like Germany, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, says Mats Hörnell. 
Waynes Coffee is an international coffee shop chain with roots in Sweden, that set the standard for the modern European coffee shop concept – the very image of how, where and when we fika (Swedish for having a coffee) in the urban environment. The first Waynes coffee shop opened in Stockholm in 1994. The chain currently serves 40,000 guests every day in their 150 coffee shops in nine different countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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