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Education Learning Center takes it to the Next Level: sending markets for global destinations

Feb 5, 2016


A high-level trends report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) predicts that, by 2050, the world will see a dramatic shift in global economic power away from advanced economies and toward Asia and a block of faster-growing emerging economies.

An extended period of unmatched economic growth in Asia has helped to drive significant social change as well, including the emergence of a large middle class and a greater openness to regional and world markets. Local and global trends driving higher education policies in Asia and their impact on the local and regional knowledge economies.

These dynamics are also reflected in the landscape of higher education. Especially at a time when economic growth in many rapidly developing Asian economies is linked to knowledge production, advanced skills, and the rising demand for higher education.

With the advent of a large middle class and new openness driven by economic imperatives, Asia appears to be shifting into the world’s center stage. National investments in international higher education have already contributed to a greater prominence of Asian institutions in the global rankings as well as to dramatic increases in incoming and outgoing student mobility numbers.

Many of the significant education players in Southeast Asia region will remain important sending markets for global destinations. This is due in part to the continuing profile and prestige of institutions in more traditional study destinations in the US, UK, and elsewhere, to continuing investment in research and mobility, and to persistent structural advantages, not least of which is the large alumni base of Western institutions in positions of influence and leadership in institutions, governments, and corporations around the world.

From data issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in year 2015, there were 1.05 million foreign students currently studying at different American universities and colleges. The number in 2015 is up 9 percent over 2014. Asia boasted the highest percent of international students coming in at around 76 percent, equals to approximately 798,000 students. From that percentage, China has biggest proportion up to 31%, equals to approximately 325 thousand students abroad. As for Southeast Asia region, Vietnam has biggest proportion up to 1.9%, equals to approximately 20 thousand students abroad.

With that much demand and limited seats available in each university, students are competing each year to get to targeted university. Student learning center has created its position in marketplace and will become next growing business in years ahead.

The Edge, an Asia branded learning center, has become the industry leader with recognition within Asia. HongKong based learning center designed to help students achieve the best through proven methods, under the expert guidance of people who are qualified at the very highest level. Beside the headquarter in HongKong, The Edge has also grown its Asian footprint with two centers in HongKong, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing.

The Edge is now available for franchising in Southeast Asia countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand.

Key info:

  • Outstanding Teachers: They are experts in their fields, come from top academic institutions around the world, and undergo a rigorous 3-month training program and many of them hold Masters Degrees or PhDs from top universities in the USA (many have graduated from Ivy League Universities)
  • Transparent Reporting for Families: Our Edge 360 system gives parents constant feedback on their children’s progress in private lessons, allowing them to stay better informed of student’s growth and areas for improvement.
  • The Most Insider Admission Experience: We have more former Admissions officers than any other organizations and many are former admissions directors from top universities.
  • Hong Kong’s #1 SAT Test Preparation
  • 2015 Admissions Results:
  • 13% Ivy Plus Acceptance Rate
  • 77% The Edge’s Ivy Plus Acceptance Rate
  • Investment: $1,000,000

For more information about The Edge franchise opportunity, please visit http://vffranchiseconsulting.com/brands/theedge/

Or contact us at [email protected]


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