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Moynat to enter China

Jul 14, 2015


Parisian luxury leather goods maker Moynat is to open its first China store in Beijing.

“We will open in Beijing before the end of October, in the Yintai Centre,” Moynat CEO Guillaume Davin, said during a recent event at the brand’s Paris store.

Two more stores are planned for 2016.

“There are around 10 cities where we want to be before 2017,” Davin said.

Moynat already has a store in Hong Kong, its only presence outside Paris and London.

The brand is enormously popular with Asians, who account for about 60 per cent of sales in the London and Paris stores. Of that, Chinese account for a quarter, prompting the brand to create a presence in the country.

The company is believed to be opting for small ‘gallery style’ store formats of less than 400 sqft in floor space, with only a small range on display.

“They’re small, but we try to tell the story about the history and our savoir faire,” Davin said in an interview earlier this year.

Source: insideretail.asia

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