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PTT presents Texas Chicken in Thailand

Jul 13, 2015


PTT’s retail marketing group is launching Texas Chicken® in Thailand and introducing the best fried chicken and biscuits in the world to Thais.

Recently Mr. Sarun Rungkasiri, PTT Plc Chief Operating Officer, Downstream Petroleum Business Group, presided over the signing ceremony of the Texas Chicken brand franchise agreement between Mr. Chavalit Punthong, PTT Plc Senior Executive Vice President, Oil Business Unit, and Mr. Zack A. Kollias, Executive Vice President International Operations, Texas Chicken®. The agreement involves the franchise of Texas Chicken as Thailand consumers’ latest fried-chicken dining option.

Mr. Punthong said Texas Chicken® — a top-Three popular fried-chicken brand worldwide—is supported by over six decades of culinary experience and reputation for quality, larger portions, and popular taste in many countries. Its diverse menu, honey-butter biscuits, 12 hours marinade process with hand-breaded cooking technique for the Original and Spicy Chicken yield a crunchy but not greasy taste.

Warmly welcomed by consumers in many countries, Texas Chicken® is now found at 1,650 locations in 23 countries worldwide. Besides, it is the best-known brand in the quick-service restaurant group selected by PTT as a new option for Thai connoisseurs. Thailand’s maiden Texas Chicken® restaurant will be launched later this year, and PTT’s goal is to launch no fewer than 70 restaurants within 5-10 years in Shopping malls, Community malls, and PTT’s service stations nationwide.

Mr. Kollias said “As one of the world’s leading companies, our new international franchisee is incredibly well respected within the region and ideally positioned to bring guests the Texas Chicken® experience. We are looking forward to working together to create something truly special for this market.”

“To meet the needs of our customers and consumers, PTT is committed to developing a complete range of quality products and services through sensible, fair prices, and quality while striving for maximum customer satisfaction. Texas Chicken certainly fits this description of quality cuisine brought to Thai consumers by PTT as a novel experience,” Mr. Punthong concluded.

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