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ARBY’S® – The 2nd Largest Sandwich Restaurant Brand In The World

Brand Introduction

Arby’s, a beloved name in the world of fast food, stands out for its succulent roast beef sandwiches and an array of delectable menu options. Founded in 1967, Arby’s has carved a unique niche in the franchising industry by offering a hearty alternative to traditional fast food choices. With a focus on quality, taste, and variety, Arby’s has consistently won the hearts and appetites of food lovers.

Summary of Arby’s

  • Founded in 1967
  • A powerhouse QSR franchise brand for nearly six decades
  • More than 3,400 restaurants in 8 countries

Key Milestones

Arby’s has achieved several significant milestones since its inception, including:

  •  1964: Arby’s was founded in Boardman, Ohio, with a focus on slow-roasting high-quality beef for sandwiches.
  •  1971: The first Arby’s franchise location opened, marking the beginning of the brand’s expansion.
  •  1984: Arby’s introduced its iconic slogan, “Arby’s is different… and delicious.”
  •  2011: The brand became a part of Inspire Brands, a leading franchisor.

 Why Franchise the Arby’s Brand

Franchising with Arby’s offers a hearty and rewarding opportunity for several compelling reasons:

  • Established Brand: Arby’s is a well-recognized name in the fast food industry, known for its roast beef sandwiches. Franchisees benefit from the brand’s strong reputation and customer loyalty.
  • Proven Business Model: Arby’s has a proven and successful business model. Franchisees receive comprehensive training and support, ensuring that they are well-equipped to run a successful operation.
  • Unique Offering: Arby’s stands out in the fast food landscape with its focus on slow-roasted meats, providing customers with a distinct and flavorful alternative. This uniqueness attracts a dedicated customer base.
  • Menu Variety: In addition to its famous roast beef sandwiches, Arby’s offers a diverse menu that includes a range of meats, sides, and beverages. This variety caters to a broad customer base and boosts profitability.
  • Customer Loyalty: Over the years, Arby’s has cultivated a loyal customer base that appreciates its flavorful offerings. This loyalty translates into repeat business and long-term success.
  • Support and Training: Arby’s provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to its franchisees, helping them navigate the competitive fast-food industry successfully.

In conclusion, franchising with Arby’s presents a delicious and rewarding opportunity within the fast food and franchising industry. With a strong brand, unique offerings, and a history of customer loyalty, it’s a recipe for hearty success.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing franchisee seeking to diversify, Arby’s offers a compelling and savory option for those looking to make their mark in the world of franchising.