Why is a Coding School Franchise Wise Investment?

Coding has become an essential part in this Fourth Industrial Revolution era.

Informatics is a mandatory subject in secondary and high school not only in America or Europe, but also in most of the Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia etc. These coding academies don’t just teach children how to use the computer, but also teach digital literacy, train them how to think logically and to be digitally creative. These are also required skills in the 21st century.

Here are the reasons why it is wise to invest in a Coding school:

1 Always in demand for the 21st century

Most businesses are in the process of digital transformation. Most of the countries have transferred to the digital economy. Mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), blockchain, cyber security, data analytics etc. are must-have skills in various sectors. Jobs such as software technical writer, UI/UX designers, digital marketing, video or photography skills, e-commerce, etc. are in high demand and well-paid

Therefore, coding and programming have become one of the utmost important subjects in many countries. 

2 Optimal investment to other businesses

It doesn’t cost much to start an education business in comparison with the other industries. For example, the initial investment to open multiple coding schools like Logiscool is from USD 500 000; but it would cost at least twice as much to build multiple restaurants.

3 Adaptive and resilient business

The COVID pandemic is a challenge to many businesses, but it also proves the resilience of the education industry. Children always have to learn despite the pandemic, outbreak or lockdown. For computer subjects like informatics, coding, or programming, it’s easy to switch to online learning, as children have already gotten used to online learning for a long time.

Top FAQ (frequently asked questions) about opening coding schools

  1. Do education operators have to be teachers to run a coding school?

No, education franchisees don’t need to be teachers, because the franchisor (brand) has all the necessary resources to support the investors to open as well as operate the coding schools. 

  1. How to stand out from other coding schools?

Parents always want to choose the best schools with the best curriculums for their children. So certified curriculums with excellent grades will help franchisees to stand out from the other competitors.

But running a coding school is in fact running a business. The proven business model not only helps investors stand out but also helps them expand their franchise network to territories successfully.


  1. Should I franchise or open my own coding school?

Franchising is one of the best ways to help you start your own business from scratch, as you can benefit from the support, and resources from global brands. The No. 1 coding and programming school in the world – Logiscool has invested significant money and time to build an award-winning curriculum and franchise network in over 31+ countries. This huge network can connect pupils and students around the world to learn coding and programming, which is also their advantage over the other schools.

It may take years and much capital to build up your own global network school.

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