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FeedMe Guru plans Asia city rollout

Nov 2, 2015


FeedMe Guru, a technology platform that analyses professional reviews to shortlist the Top 600 restaurants in every major city, has been launched in Hong Kong.

The app, developed by two Harvard Business School students, was revealed before an audience of over 400 influential bloggers, chefs, restaurateurs and media personalities in Hong Kong this week.

High profile sponsors for the event including Drawing Room Concepts, Jouer, Maximal Concepts, andBlack Sheep Restaurants among others.

Guru, the name of the company’s proprietary tech engine and algorithm, analyses restaurant reviews across hundreds of magazines, blogs and food guides to shortlist the most critically acclaimed and popular restaurants in town. Shortlisted restaurants are organised by keywords so users can use this free platform to easily find good food and satisfy their cravings, whether it is for old school dim sum or a fancy French meal.

“People eat out all the time. There are so many meals to eat but so little time to plan. Existing solutions do not make this any easier. Review sites are plagued with fake reviews. Googling through multiple magazines and blogs is time consuming. In contrast, FeedMe Guru is a free mobile app currently available on the iOS store that gives users handy shortlists of the most popular and highest rated restaurants within seconds. Users can just sit back and let the guru crawl for good food,” says Kelvin Lam, co-founder of FeedMe Guru.

Fellow co-founder Dominic Law, adds: “We are focused on serving the young professionals in town. This generation is used to discovering everything lifestyle-related on social media, through pictures and short comments. We have specifically designed our app to feature the Instagram pictures and comments of our partner food bloggers for each shortlisted restaurant.”

The co-founders, passionate foodies with a keen interest in entrepreneurship, started incubating this food-tech idea while at business school, and have both moved back to Hong Kong to work on the venture. They were selected at Rise, the largest tech conference in the city, to exhibit as part of the Alpha program, and to pitch at Breakthrough HK. They have also been enlisted into IBM’s SoftLayer Catalyst Incubation Program.

With strong backing by their school and various incubators, as well as deep relationships with influencers in the food and beverage scene, the co-founders are looking to launch FeedMe Guru across major cities in Asia in the coming months. Their vision is to be the go-to restaurant discovery platform for users globally.

Source: insideretail.asia

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