Why Is MATHNASIUM So Successful?

Since their first center opened in 2002 in Los Angeles, MATHNASIUM has brought their renowned mathematics curriculum to many countries on FIVE CONTINENTS with more than 1,000+ centers around the world.

Even before the Covid pandemic, [email protected] has been allowing home-based study. It has proven to be as effective as in-center learning and helps franchisees run the educational businesses based on various school-year schedules, geographical distance, vacation, and homeschooling.

So what is the secret to their GLOBAL SUCCESS?

Renowned children-focused curriculum

In the education industry, one of the crucial factors that decides your success is the CURRICULUM. To many world-known education companies, their curriculum must be designed by educational experts, and for the targeted group of students. So does Mathnasium. Mathnasium doesn’t teach their students just any common curriculum which you might find at local math training centers. 

Their PROVEN Mathnasium Method™ offered to all franchisees around the world has contributed to their successful expansion. Their method has been translated into many languages. Mathnasium designs a unique curriculum in order for kids to learn mathematics in a fun way. We teach for understanding” – their “secret” has helped children worldwide overcome the fear of math, building a strong foundation of math for nearly 20 years.

Mathnasium helps kids understand math through all of their senses. It is difficult to describe their teaching techniques in just a few words, but the parents’ compliments about their program tell it all:

If you are wondering how to teach math to students at different levels, or how to operate a center in this current COVID situation, [email protected] since 2017 will be a solution for you. This individualized approach solves two problems for education businesses:

  • Franchisees can reach more customers, children through a web-based instructional service. Classes can be run anywhere. Clients just need internet access and require minimal equipment. 
  • Franchisees can teach children at different levels from anywhere.

Strong business model & support to franchisees

As the world-class kids tutoring company, Mathnasium has a strong and proven business model to investors on FIVE CONTINENTS. Mathnasium’s business model is rewarding and recognized.

Mathnasium has given opportunities to investors to become their own boss. The franchisees are so satisfied with their support, as Mathnasium’s business model doesn’t require high investment, and can be operated by franchisees with no educational experience or teaching qualifications required.

Are you ready to bring this world-class education and profitable business model to your country? Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at [email protected]/ [email protected].


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