• Headquarters: USA
  • Industry: Education
  • Countries available: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, New Zealand
  • Territory fee: Contact us for info
  • Unit fee: Contact us for info
  • Royalty: Contact us for info
  • Investment level: USD500,000
  • Marketing: Local
  • Term: 10 + 10

Mathnasium is a revolution in math education. Our proprietary teaching method empowers  children to catch up and get ahead while making learning fun and engaging. With over 1,200  centers on five continents, we continue to expand around the world. Mathnasium master franchisees have the unique franchise opportunity to seize a huge share of the multibillion-dollar  tutoring industry by owning the #1 brand in the business.

With math illiteracy at an all-time high, and increased competition for university admissions and  careers, parents want to give their children an advantage. Mathnasium makes that attainable through a monthly membership fee, similar to a gym membership.

Students typically attend a Mathnasium Learning Center or have online instruction sessions two or  three times each week for one hour, where they learn face to face with highly trained instructors.

Whether a child struggles in math or needs a greater challenge, our proven approach makes  believers out of even the most skeptical parents and children. Hundreds of thousands of positive  reviews and testimonials tell us that we truly change lives through math every day.

Mathnasium’s Mission: Teach children math, so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

1. Why Parents Choose Mathnasium

At Mathnasium, families come first. Beyond our family of franchisees, what’s most important to us are the families we serve. We know we serve them well from the scores of referrals we get as they share their positive experiences with friends and other family members.

Why do so many customers tell others about the Mathnasium experience? Because we:

  • Improve academic grades and boost test scores
  • Build confidence that extends beyond math class
  • Personalize lesson plans to their child’s specific needs
  • Teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Are effective with students of any skill level, from struggling to advanced
  • Share detailed progress reports with parents
  • Offer flexible scheduling that benefits both parents and students
  • Prepare students for university entrance exams
  • Regularly verify results through an independent third party
  • Are priced competitively and provide tremendous value
  • Help students with homework, alleviating school-night stress
  • Don’t give their children additional homework to complete, unlike other tutoring companies

2. Superior Value for Your Unit Operators

The single and multiunit operators of Mathnasiums capture a local, but significant, piece of our skyrocketing industry. Mathnasium has quickly grown to over 1,200 locations because it is simply the best franchising opportunity for independent operators. We’re leaders in the industry  because we provide:

Proven Systems:

One of the biggest advantages of franchising versus local startups is the ability to use proven, established systems. Mathnasium’s business operations have been refined continuously since 2002. We’ll teach you how to do all of this and more:

  • Teach using the Mathnasium Method™
  • Hire center and operations staff 
  • Attract new franchisees and convert leads 
  • Select retail sites & manage center build-outs
  • Manage centers for success
  • Retain existing student

World-Class Training and Support:

With or without a background in education, the Mathnasium development and training program is designed to bring owners quickly up to speed. We teach our franchisors how to train and support their franchisees with excellence. Over time, support systems include:

  • Field-based franchise business consultants 
  • News and information blog for franchisees
  • Live franchisee support desk
  • Ongoing business management training, both in-person and online 

Advanced Business and Marketing Tools:

  • Our custom-built, all-in-one system for managing customers, employees, training, reporting and curriculum delivery  
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • Customizable territory website
  • Social media and online marketing tools
  • Customer review management tool
  • Comprehensive operations manual that covers nearly every business need

3. Our Proprietary Teaching Methods

The Mathnasium Method™ transforms the way children understand and appreciate math. The result of years of development and millions of dollars invested, it features:

  • Comprehensive Assessments — Multiple assessment levels expertly designed to  determine student mastery of individual math concepts
  • Fully Customized Learning Plans — Based on detailed assessment results and generated by our custom-built learning management system
  • Time-Tested, Proprietary Teaching Methods and Localized Curriculum — Unmatched in the education industry, yet constantly refined by our Education Development Team
  • Teach for Understanding — An approach built to drive true math comprehension and  minimize rote learning techniques
  • A Culture of Compassion and Confidence — We live not only to teach but also to support and transform the lives of our students

The Mathnasium Education Team has translated the full curriculum and Mathnasium™  Method into many world languages. Upon partnering with a new master franchisee, we work closely to localize the full curriculum as we continue to expand into new countries.

4. Master Franchising Opportunity Summary

  • Unique, Prestigious and Lucrative Opportunity — We are looking for the right individuals to take charge of our expansion into untapped markets
  • Simple Business Model — No supply chain, no expensive equipment, low investment for each unit
  • Rapidly Growing Market — The global market for private tutoring services is forecast to reach $260.7 billion by 2024*
  • Rewards Beyond the Financials — At Mathnasium, we change the lives of children, families, and communities for the better
  • Award-Winning Franchise System — Industry experts support our reputation for excellence in training, systems, and support
  • Proven, Scalable Success — 1,200+ locations opened worldwide since 2002, with more opening regularly