De-risk Network Expansion with GapMaps’ Location Intelligence

GapMaps combines global expertise with local data and market knowledge to provide clients in South East Asia with accurate, meaningful andgranular location intelligence insights

  • GIS and location performance insights for grocery and convenience retailers, business development managers, consultants, advisors and many others
  • Produce project feasibilities more quickly, thoroughly and accurately
  • Use spatial analysis to assess and visualise 2020 resident and worker population data
  • Identify high spending households with GapMaps Consuming Class and Premium Consuming class data
  • Better understand local market catchment areas and their potential
  • A simple to use yet powerful mapping and analytical tool for your business

GapMaps is utilized and trusted by hundreds of businesses in more than 9 countries, ranging from retail, food & beverage, education, real estate, shopping centers, supermarkets, CVS, and MORE!

We lift the weight of your biggest decisions and lead you to the right place for all the right reasons. It’s why our clients have been proven right again and again.

THE LOCATION DECISION IS BIG. The consequences of making the wrong decision are huge. Since 2013, GapMaps has been removing areas of doubt for the world’s most successful businesses.

You’re able to see the big picture, and right down to the most granular level, in one simple platform. It’s the latest and most valuable demographic, economic, and social intel that helps you confidently make a call. Based on facts.

Gap Maps provides information in an area for:

  • Population
  • Age group
  • Academic level
  • Household size
  • Type of household
  • Competitors and other information at the request of the user



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