Chinese Chain Mixue Brings Its Tea to Sydney

Mixue, the popular Chinese tea chain, has expanded its global reach by opening its first location in Sydney, Australia. Two more locations are imminent in Brisbane and Melbourne. This move marks a significant step for the brand, which has gained popularity in China and beyond due to its focus on quality tea and innovative flavors.

Mixue’s new store in Sydney is expected to offer its full range of tea products, including seasonal and limited edition offerings. Customers can expect to find both traditional and modern blends, as well as unique and innovative flavors that are signature to the brand.

With 21,000 stores in China and 600 stores across 11 other Asian countries, the company has built a loyal following with its high-quality tea offerings and modern design. In 2018, the brand made its first foray overseas, opening a store in Vietnam. Now, Mixue has set its sights on Australia, with the opening of its first location in Sydney.

Australia’s growing milk tea market has caught the attention of several major players in the industry. Gong Cha, a global milk tea giant, has announced plans to add 17 new stores to its existing 118 locations in Australia. Meanwhile, Gotcha and Chatime have both expressed interest in prioritizing the Australian market. Mixue’s entry into the market underscores the potential for growth in the milk tea sector in Australia.

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