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Philippines Franchise Opportunities: Uniting Dreams and Success

Are you ready to embark on a journey of franchising success in the vibrant and thriving Philippines market? VF Franchise Consulting invites you to an exclusive event that could change the course of your business forever.

The Philippines is a great place to start a franchise, with a growing middle class and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Franchises offer a number of advantages, including a proven business model, support from the franchisor, and brand recognition.

Mark your calendars for October 26 & 27 and get ready to embark on a transformative journey of franchise exploration and networking. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect directly with franchise experts who can guide you toward 12 great franchise opportunities. 

Event Details:

Registration is required to join our event, and in order to participate in personalized 1-1 meetings with our franchise representatives

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Philippines Franchise Industry:

  • The Philippines is the 7th largest franchise market in the world.
  • The franchise industry contributes 7.8% to the country’s GDP.
  • The franchise industry generates roughly two million direct and indirect jobs.

There are many advantages to starting a franchise in the Philippines, including:

  • Proven business model: Franchises are based on proven business models that have been successful in other markets. This reduces the risk of failure and gives you a better chance of success.
  • Support from the franchisor: Strong and reputable franchisors provide their franchisees with training, marketing, operations, technical assistance and more.
  • Brand recognition: Franchise brands are already well-known and trusted by consumers. This gives you a head start versus starting a business from scratch.

Why Choose to Operate a Franchise in the Philippines?

  • Fast-Growing Middle Class: The Philippines has a fast-growing middle class with rising disposable incomes to spend. 
  • Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Philippines is known for its strong entrepreneurial spirit. Filipinos are eager to start their own businesses and be their own bosses.
  • Government Support: The Philippine government is supportive of the franchise industry. It offers a number of incentives to franchise businesses, such as tax breaks and low-interest loans.


🔰 Food & Beverage: 8 Famous brands from the U.S and Thailand

  • USA Brands: Hooters, Chuck E. Cheese, Little Caesars Pizza, Jaggers, Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins
  • Authentic Thai Cuisine: COCA Restaurant, Yenly Yours

🔰 Education: 2 Best-in-Class Education Brands for Children

  • Global math tutoring franchise from the US with more than 1,100 centers opened globally: Mathnasium
  • Computer Coding for Children: Logiscool

🔰 Services: 2 leading brands from the US and Australia

  • Peer Advisory Board & Business Coaching: The Alternative Board
  • Location Intelligence Data: GapMaps



HOOTERS® – America’s #1 Iconic Casual Dining Choice For Food And Fun


  • America’s #1 ICONIC Casual Dining Choice for FOOD and FUN
  • HOOTERS® offers fun and a memorable atmosphere that offers great chicken wings, great food, and great value
  • 363 locations in 17 countries, 66 locations outside the United States
  • Founded in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida, USA


  • HOOTERS® has 98% customer awareness worldwide
  • Franchisees operate over 96% of locations
  • Approximately 98% franchise success rate
  • Serves over 2 million pounds of wings per week
  • Additional revenue stream with HOOTERS® merchandising
  • Over 40 years of casual dining success
  • 160,000+ employees globally, mainly “Hooters Girls”
  • Recognized as a top US franchise and award-winning dining experience

Minimum Investment: US$1,500,000 – Learn More

CHUCK E. CHEESE® – The World’s #1 Family Entertainment Brand

What is Chuck E. Cheese?

  • Chuck E. Cheese is a family entertainment center that combines games, activities, and food for a unique and fun-filled experience.
  • The brand was established in 1977 and has since grown to over 600 locations worldwide.
  • Chuck E. Cheese is known for its iconic animatronic mouse mascot and family-friendly atmosphere.

Why Franchise Chuck E. Cheese?

  • Established brand: Chuck E. Cheese has been in the family entertainment industry for over 40 years, making it a well-known and respected brand.
  • Proven business model: The company has a successful business model that has been tried and tested over the years.
  • Diversified revenue streams: Chuck E. Cheese offers a range of entertainment and food options, providing multiple streams of revenue.
  • Support and training: As a franchisee, you will receive extensive support and training from the Chuck E. Cheese team to ensure your success.
  • Growth opportunities: With plans for continued expansion, Chuck E. Cheese offers the potential for growth and profitability as a franchisee.


  • Founded in 1977 and has since become a well-known name in the industry
  • 600+ locations world-wide including nearly 100 international locations in 15 countries
  • 2+ Billion Game Plays making Chuck E. Cheese the world’s largest arcade and leader in game knowledge
  • 99% brand recognition among parents with children under 12
  • 99% brand Awareness in North America & growing across the globe every year
  • 70+ Million  Guests welcomed each year across the globe and over 500,000 birthday parties annually
  • Average unit volume of $2.7 million
  • In 2021, Chuck E. Cheese was ranked #40 on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur Magazine

Minimum Investment: US$1,500,000 – Learn More

LITTLE CAESARS® PIZZA – Third-Largest Pizza Chain Globally

  • Third-largest pizza chain in the United States and in 27+ countries, and the largest carry out pizza chain in the world
  • Known for its HOT-N-READY® pizza and famed Crazy Bread®
  • Little Caesars has been named “Best Value in America” for eleven years in a row
  • Little Caesars is still the fastest growing pizza chain in America
  • Little Caesars products are made with quality ingredients, like fresh, never frozen, mozzarella and Muenster cheese, dough made fresh daily in the stores and sauce made from fresh-packed, vine-ripened California crushed tomatoes
  • An exceptionally high growth company with more than 59 years of experience in a US$135 billion worldwide pizza industry
  • Highest-Rated Chain, Value for the Money – By Sandelman & Associates 2007 – 2017

Minimum Investment: US$1,500,000 – Learn More

JAGGERS® – Fast Casual Better Burgers Hand-breaded Chicken Fresh-made Salads

  • The Jaggers® concept in Indianapolis has seen steady sales growth. 
  • Jaggers® sells better burgers and hand-breaded chicken tenders and filets. The crisp, fresh salads are chopped and tossed when ordered and served with our signature homemade, in-house dressing.
  • Rated #1 Burger in Indy by Indianapolis Monthly
  • Named a Hot Concept by Technomic (February 2020)

Criteria of our Ideal Franchisee

  • Infrastructure and resources to meet your franchise agreement and development schedule
  • Real estate experience in the market to be developed
  • Extensive experience as a multi-unit operator, preferably in the fast-food or fast-casual restaurant space

Minimum Investment: US$1,500,000 – Learn More

Arby’s® – The Second-largest Sandwich Restaurant Brand In The World

  • Founded in 1967
  • A powerhouse QSR franchise brand for nearly six decades
  • More than 3,400 restaurants in 8 countries

Why Franchise Arby’s®

  • Ranked #1 in Entrepreneur’s 500 Franchise 2023
  • A Recognized Brand Name 
  • Proven Operations
  • A Winning Menu
  • National Marketing
  • A Family of Brands

Minimum Investment: US$1,500,000

Baskin-Robbins® – The World’s Sweetest Opportunity

  • Founded in 1945
  • One of the world’s largest ice cream chains
  • Over 80 years of Excellence
  • 7,600+ restaurants worldwide
  • 1,300+ flavors, creative cones, unique cakes, specialty desserts, frozen beverages and take-home treats

Why Franchise Baskin-Robbins®?

  • A Recognized Brand Name
  • Proven Operations
  • A Winning Menu
  • Flexible Development Options
  • Training Systems & Field Support

Minimum Investment: US$1,500,000

COCA® – Simple. Healthy. Lively. Cantonese/Thai Hotpot

With over 62 years of experience in successful food service operations as a pioneer of hot pot, COCA’s commitment to quality, satisfaction and customer service, has contributed to its long-standing success.

Being Thailand’s most innovative and long-established culinary brands, Today’s Coca® restaurant menu is greatly expanded from the original concept, covering an impressive variety of high quality, nutritional Thai and Chinese a-la-carte dishes, seafood and the signature hotpot with a variety of broths.

Three Tiered Brands:

  • 1st tier Signature Hot Pot Chinese-Thai specialties
  • 2nd tier COCA® Market Concept
  • 3rd tier COCA® Café delicious casual Chinese food for everyone

Thailand factory with international accreditation  ISO 9001 : 2001 verified by AJA/UKS

COCA® restaurants in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand

Comprehensive training and support

Minimum Investment: US$500,000 – US$750,000 per restaurant – Learn More

YENLY YOURS® – Fresh Fruit Dessert Cafe

  • We are experts in Thai mangoes and fresh fruits, so we created a differentiating menu by mixing Thai and modern style in our own way.
  • A variety of well-crafted smoothies and unique desserts (mostly made from our high – quality mangoes) are available for dine-in, take-away or home deliveries.
  • Partnered with a strong cooperative network of quality Thai farmers in over 30 cities throughout the country.
  • Selected only export standard of quality of “Nam Dok Mai” mangoes – considered the most popular mangoes in Thailand with its yellowish pulp and delicate sweet taste.

Why Franchise With Yenly Yours?

  • Rapid expansion with multiple outlets
  • Central kitchen for quicker logistics
  • Limited labor and skill required for day-to-day operations
  • Proven team to support franchisees
  • Regular R&D for new ideas
  • Specialty products for retail (i.e. dried mangoes, mango sticky rice cake, etc.)
  • Fast ROI & High profitability

Minimum Investment: US$150,000 per unit – Learn More

MATHNASIUM® – Leading Global Chain Of Math Learning Centers For Children

Mathnasium master franchisees have the unique opportunity to seize a huge share of the multibillion-dollar tutoring industry by owning the #1 brand in the business.

Mathnasium’s Mission: Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

For more than 40 years, the Mathnasium Method™ is providing children all over the world increased confidence, critical thinking skills, and mathematical ability to last a lifetime.

Mathnasium, the iconic math education franchise, is in the business of helping kids fall in love with math. Since our founding in 2002, Mathnasium has grown to over 1,100 locations around the world, and in that time, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs own businesses that make a true, lasting impact. If you’re passionate about helping kids, Mathnasium is a low-cost investment opportunity with tremendous profit potential. Make a meaningful difference by opening a Mathnasium franchise in your community.


  • Over 1,100+ centers nationwide — We’re one of the world’s fastest-growing franchises.
  • Mathnasium@home — Deliver this live, web-based instructional service to reach more customers.
  • Simple Business Model — No math or teaching experience is required.
  • Soaring Demand — The global market for private tutoring services is estimated to reach $261 billion by 2024 (Global Industry Analysts).
  • Strong Consumer Brand — A million parents — and grandparents — have trusted us.
  • Unparalleled Results — Plus a terrific value and great flexibility for busy families.
  • Huge Potential — Opportunity to open multiple locations.
  • Franchising Excellence — Franchise Business Review ratings validate our excellence in systems development, training, and support.

Minimum Investment: US$250,000 – Learn More

LOGISCOOL® – Master Franchise Opportunity From World-class Network Of Coding Schools For Kids & Teens

  • The first Logiscool opened in early 2014, and our fast-growing recession-proof franchise network has educated 185,000+ children at 170+ locations in 35 countries.
  • The earlier we can give a taste of digitality to our kids, the higher chance they will transform from being just a consumer and become an active creator, ensuring a successful career in a digital world.


  • A fun-based coding school network for kids and teens
  • Have nearly 1,000 digital lessons with fun-based methodology and a long-term curriculum
  • Utilizes our proprietary education platform scalable for all ages
  • Features in-school and online after-school courses, holiday camps in a range of digital topics from computer coding to robotics, AI, Minecraft and Roblox game design, video production, and more
  • Teach small groups online and in well-equipped and inspiring classrooms with office-like environment
  • Employ young, enthusiastic professionals as our trainers who inspire kids and teens

Minimum Investment: US$250,000 – Learn More

The Alternative Board®: Leading Peer Advisory, Executive Coaching And Training

The Alternative Board® (TAB) is a leading franchising support network that offers a range of services for franchisees.

TAB provides a platform for franchise owners to exchange ideas, share experiences, and overcome the unique challenges they face.

With TAB, franchisees have access to its patented Peer Advisory Boards and one-on-one executive coaching sessions and business development tools to help them reach their goals.

Helping business owners improve their businesses and change their lives.

For over 30 years, The Alternative Board has cultivated a thriving community of forward-thinking CEOs and business owners who share the collective wisdom and inspiration to radically improve their companies

  • 2.5x Revenue growth over the national average
  • 25k+ Businesses we’ve helped thrive
  • 1,100+ Industries represented in our membership
  • $29.3B Gross revenue of companies working with TAB
  • 500+ TAB advisory boards across the globe

Minimum Investment: USD250,000  – Learn More

GAPMAPS® – Location intelligence, making the best business location decisions

  • GapMaps® is a global location-based services and business consultancy platform founded in 2015.
  • It provides solutions for location, mapping, and market analysis for businesses worldwide.
  • With analytical tools, GapMaps helps businesses research and develop geographic strategies, optimize store networks, increase sales, and drive business growth.
  • The platform offers customized maps and complex analytical tools built on geographic technology, analytical data, and artificial intelligence.
  • GapMaps provides a variety of analytical data, including population, economic conditions, geography, and consumer habits, to help businesses make effective decisions.
  • It is an ideal partner for businesses looking to optimize their geographic strategies and develop their business globally.

Minimum Investment: US$10,000 – Learn More


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